Course final program

7:30:18:00 Course Registration
9:00-9:15 Introduction Dr.Aleš Fibír
9:15-9:45 Endoscopic carpal tunnel release with the two-portal Chow-technique  Dr.Anton Rosenkranz
9:45-10:00 Endoscopic carpal tunnel release with the uniportal Agee-technique  Dr.Aleš Fibír
10:00-10:15 Other possibilities of endoscopic approaches on upper limb Dr.Aleš Fibír
10:15-10:45 Discussion
10:45-12:00 Endoscopic surgery of cubital tunnel Prof. Dr. Peter Hahn
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:15 How to make complications rare Prof. Dr. Hermann Krimmer
14:15-14:45 Secondary treatment of complications after distal radius osteosynthesis Dr.Radek Kebrle
14:45-15:15 Case reports and round table discussion Moderated by Dr.Radek Kebrle
15:15-15:45 coffe break
15:45-16:30 Osteoporotic Fracture of the Distal Radius Prof. Dr. Jörg Grünert
16:30-17:00 Functional outcome of distal radius fractures treatment in elderly patients Dr.Krzysztow Zimmer
17:00-17:30 Reconstruction of distal radius malunion in osteoporotic patients Dr. Radek Kebrle
17:30-18:00 Case reports and round table discussion Moderated by Dr.Radek Kebrle
19:00-21:30 Dinner for course participants


Course Programme


Forenoon programme:   Endoscopic techniques for upper limb

Lecturers:                         Prof. Dr. Peter Hahn (Bad Rappenau, Germany)

                                                     Dr. Anton Rosenkranz (Braunau, Austria)

                                                     Dr. Aleš Fibír (Hradec Králové, Czech republic)

Course description: The main theme of forenoon course will be endoscopic techniques for upper limb, especially endoscopically assisted n.ulnaris release in CuTS. Endoscopic surgeries of CTS as well as in less known indications will be presented.

Course coordinator:             Aleš Fibír M.D., e-mail:

Main partner of course:        Hospimed, spol. s r.o.

Date:                                    October 20. 2011, forenoon


Afternoon programme:    IBRA course

Theme:                                  The most common errors and complications of internal

                                             fixation of distal radius

                                                       Internal fixation of distal radius in elderly patients

Head lecturers:                 prof. Dr. Hermann Krimmer (Ravensburg, Germany)

                                             prof. Dr. Jörg Grünert (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

                                             Dr. Krzystof Zimmer (Wroclaw, Poland)

                                             Dr. Radek Kebrle (Vysoké n.Jizerou, Czech Republic)

Course description: International Bone Research Association (IBRA, is an internationally oriented non-profit organisation located in Switzerland. IBRA's core activity is the future-oriented advancement of bone-tissue research. With its support we can offer high-end lectures of experts in hand surgery. We consider selected topics as a very important especially at this time, when internal fixation of distal radius is used in an increasing number of workplaces, and thus the complications occur more than in past. More stressed should be specific treatment of distal radius fractures in elderly patients with regard to higher incidence of osteoporosis, which limits osteosynthesis options.

Course coordinator:               Radek Kebrle M.D., e-mail:

Main partner of course:          Medartis AG

Date:                                      October 20. 2011, afternoon

General Information:

Venue: HARMONY CLUB HOTEL ****, Špindlerův Mlýn, CR

Language: English (with simultaneous interpreting into czech)

Course service: Bc. Lucie Šafránková, e-mail:, tel. +420 739 433 626