D02 Rating of the median nerve after endoscopic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrom.

28.09.2011 11:44

Autoři/Authors: Szalewicz-Szpunar J., Franiel J., Zawal M.

Pracoviště/Workplace: Avimed Hospital Katowice, Poland

Délka prezentace/presentation time: 7 min.


Objectives: During 18 months, 74 persons with CTS was treated in our hospital / 55 women, 19 men/. All CTS was confirmed by electromyography before treating.

Methods: The patients was examinated with the BOSTON scale before operation. All of the endoscipic procedures was done the same way,patient hospitalized 1. day Control visit was performed 3 to 14 days after treatment. Second examination with BOSTON scale was leaded minimum 2 months after operation /2-24 months/.

Results: 74 patient was treated, complite recovery was seen at 71 of them. The 3 person with periferial neuropathy of third finger was rating procedure as not complited.

Conclusions: Endoscopic treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome is very usefull and safe procedure helping to restore function of the hand without nerve disturbances.