F01 Congenital anomalies of upper and lower extremities

28.09.2011 13:52

Autoři/Authors: Smrčka V.(1), Kuželka V.(2), Povýšil C.(3)

Pracoviště/Workplace: (1) Institute of Medicine History and Foreign Languages, Department Plastic Surgery of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University, (2) Department of Anthropology, National Museum, Prague, (3) Department of Pathology of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University

Délka prezentace/presentation time: 15 min.


Among 250 bone sections with pathological finds on the upper and lower extremities in the Jedlička’s collection deposited at National museum in Prague, there are also two dozens of congenital bone deformities. The collection comprises sections from autopsies dating to 1830- 1950: varieties of the scapula, aplasias and hypoplasias of fingers, synostoses of phalanges and metacarpi, concrescences in elbow joint, aplasias of the radia, congenital deformities of the hip joint head, aplasia of the tibia, congenital deformities of the shape of feet and toes (pes varus, calcaneus, halux duplex, hyperplasia of the toe and polydactylies)
Photographic documentation with description of some radiographs and histological examination have been carried out for the sections.
A clinical analysis with comparison of the cases documented from paleopathological point of view has been performed in seldom occurring cases.
The Jedlička’s collection seems to us irreplaceable because of the fact that the bone changes are not influenced by diagenesis. Consequently after processing we can highlight the features important for identification of pathology  and comparison with clinical cases..