C01 Head and Brain

27.09.2011 22:52

Autoři/Authors: Grünert J., Grünert-Plüss N.

Pracoviště/Workplace: Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Switzerland

Délka prezentace/presentation time: 40 min.


The hand is an organ of motion which also perceives manyfold information from our environment. The sensory organs of touch in the pulps will forward via peripheral nerves information to the brain. When there is a disruption in the nerve not only spinal but also central processes in the brain develop, which are decisive for the later developments during the regeneration process after nerve repair. The surgeon only can influence few points, while important processes happen in the nerve itself and in the cortical representation which are responsible for later sensory relearning and regain of function. Important central mechanisms are discussed and their clinical relevance outlined.