E02 Mid-term results after implantation of 44 cementless prosthesis in CMC I joint

28.09.2011 12:03

Autor/Author: Rosenkranz A.

Pracoviště/Workplace: A.ö Krankenhaus St.Josef, Braunau, Austria

Délka prezentace/presentation time: 10 min.


Objectives: 44 cementless prosthesis ( Ivory) were implanted in CMC I joint because of rhizarthrosis in the period from Dec. 2006 to Feb. 2009. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the 2 years results with special regards to subjective satisfaction of patients, the function of the hand and radiologic loosening.

Methodology. A total of 120 cementless prosthesis of CMC I joint were implanted in case of rhizarthrosis from Dec. 2006 to June 2011 in the hospital of Braunau. To get the 2 years result, a follow up evalution was performed in 42 patients with 44 prosthesis, who underwent the procedure during the period from Dec. 2006 to Feb. 2009. We evaluated the Dash Score, the Kapandji Score, the strength of the hand and possible radiologic loosenings.

Results: We got a favourable result in over 90% of the performed procedures. All patients were satisfied, they got good stability, mobility and normal strength of the hand. The average of the Dash Score (0-100) was 5,6; the Kapandji Score was 9,6; 4 patients underwent a revision procedure in case of cup loosening.

Conclusion: Implantation of cementless prosthesis in CMC I joint in case of rhizarthrosis gives the patients normal stability, mobility and strength with a low rate of complications. A learning curve has to be considered, long-term results are necessary.