Foundation for Hand Surgery Courses

Foundation for Hand Surgery Courses

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Kde: Geneva at the Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery (SFITS - Geneva University Hospital)

Info: The Foundation for Hand Surgery is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and improving the hand, wrist and upper limb surgery, supporting projects in medical research, scientific publication and surgery training. Training sessions are organized around a particular theme with specific modules. Each session is composed of a coordinator (member of the scientific board), one scientific director (member of the scientific committee) and invited experts with a reputation on a particular issue. The sessions are organized in Geneva (Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery – SFITS – Geneva University Hospital). The SFITS is a multidisciplinary and modular platform designed to simulate real-life conditions and provide a secured and controlled training environment to professionals working in the operating rooms (

These courses have been approved for FESSH patronage as a quality mark for the highest standards in education for increasing knowledge and skills and further professional development.